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International Shipping


We have gained an excellent reputation for our packing and moving services across London and this reputation extends to clients leaving the UK to destinations in Europe and Overseas.

Should you require our Complete Shipping Service, our professionally trained team will visit your home in the UK and pack all your possessions for you, ensuring that everything is completely secure, packed to export standard and ready for transportation. Your possessions will then be taken across the world by a professional and reliable shipping company that has been fully vetted by us, before being picked up by our representatives and transported safely and quickly to your new home.

If you are moving abroad, one of the best ways to guarantee the safe and secure arrival of your furniture and possessions is to have your belongings packed by professionals, trained in Export Packing. Our team are fully trained in export packing techniques and use superior standard materials when packing your possessions, including reinforced cases, boxes and wooden crates for high value items, such as artwork and antiques and particularly fragile and delicate objects.

Every part of the process is comprehensively insured, so that you can be confident that all your possessions will be fully covered throughout the whole journey.